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The Zakat Chicago Application Review Process

All requests for zakat funds undergo a critical evaluation process by the Zakat Chicago committee members.  The requesting organization must (1)provide proof that they are a 501(c) (3) organization, (2) clearly define the need and (3) clearly describe how the zakat funds will be utilized.  The organization is personally visited by one or more members of the committee (ideally several times during the year) allowing for a relationship to develop between the committee member(s) and the nonprofit organization.  If the organization is approved for funding then (1) the amount requested will be analyzed by the committee and often adjusted to an amount that the committee deems appropriate and (2) the requesting organization must agree to provide regular reports on how the funds are actually utilized.

Zakat Chicago provides funding to Projects and Programs that are Shari'ah compliant.

» Organizations: If you would like to apply for Funding for your project, please complete our Organization Application (pdf word ) and mail, fax: (312) 506-0077 or E-mail: admin@zakatchicago.com a copy to us.

Zakat Funding Application - For Organizations
» Individuals: If you are an Individual in Need of Zakat, Please Click Here!